Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail – CNBC Video 2019

How did companies like GM, Firestone Tire and Standard Oil help dismantle the US high-speed rail system after WWII to give us the “American dream of freedom on wheels?”

The US has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast. China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network – more than 19,000 miles, most built in the last decade. Japan’s bullet trains reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They’ve moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.

Check out this video and help us advocate for rail in Cobb County!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qaf6baEu0_w


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