Using CobbLinc To Access Early Voting RUNOFF UPDATE

CobbLinc provides Cobb County voters with direct access to locations for early voting or absentee ballot dropoff throughout Cobb. During the runoff, Cobb County Elections is reducing the number of early voting locations from 11 to 7. CobbLinc provides fixed-route service to 2 of these locations.

Cobb Early Voting/Ballot Dropoff Map

Early Voting

If you’re looking to vote early, 2 early voting sites are on transit routes: Riverside Epicenter on Route 30 and Smyrna Community Center near Route 25 (please note the restricted dates for the Smyrna Community Center location). The main elections site in Marietta is a 15-20 minute walk from 2 routes (Routes 40 and 15), and the Powder Springs site is in the Powder Springs Flex Zone.

More information about early voting can be found on the county website here:

To get wait times for your desired voting location, go here:

Early Voting locations throughout Cobb and their connection to transit.

Absentee Ballot Dropoff

If you’re looking to dropoff an absentee ballot, there are 6 dropoff locations located on transit routes. Most of these locations are located in South or Southeast Cobb. 8 locations do not have any transit connections nearby, and these are in the North, Northwest, West, East, and Northeast regions of Cobb.

More information about dropping absentee ballots can be found here:

Dropoff ballot locations throughout Cobb and their connection to transit.


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