New Group – Cobb 4 Transit – seeks Expanded Transit in Cobb – Marietta Daily Journal 2-28-2020

Cobb 4 Transit was formed last year as a way for pro-transit advocates to rally for better public transportation in the county. The group had its first open house event last weekend at Schoolhouse Brewing off Franklin Gateway in Marietta. Amid the hubbub of people enjoying beer was a group of transit fans with signs and maps, sharing information about bus routes and traffic times.

Matt Stigall said he’d love to see MARTA expand into Cobb County someday, but he is not starting off with such a big goal. The first step is getting the word out.

“Right now it’s just education,” he said. “We’ve got maps out, we’ve got the types of transit that are out there, we’ve got what does transit mean, what are the benefits of transit, because it will come to a vote eventually, and we want people to be informed and have an informed vote to let them know … this impacts many more lives than the individual voting, and I think realizing that and just seeing the impact of what transit will do to a community really can help.” Read the entire article here:


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