Tennessee officials take step forward with potential Nashville-Atlanta Amtrak line – Curbed – 2-20-2020

On Wednesday, the Tennessee Legislature’s transportation committee passed a bill that could lead to the creation of a feasibility study, which would assess potential train routes to Atlanta, how much they might cost, and who would pay for them.

Tennessee state Rep. Jason Powell, a Democrat from Nashville, told Curbed Atlanta today the potential commuter rail line would provide a crucial connection between the fast-growing cities, with possible stops in Chattanooga, Tullahoma, and Murfreessboro. Read the entire article here: https://atlanta.curbed.com/2020/2/20/21144408/atlanta-nashville-amtrak-passenger-rail-gdot?fbclid=IwAR05KtsfrZuestclS89oYThMgyaBYnLmvm2CD_FJ7M976XxccLogzEKR_2Q


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