Here’s how Cobb plans to tackle traffic thru 2050 – Marietta Daily Journal 2-27-20

ARC’s regional transportation plan receives a major update every four years. Region-wide, the plan details $173 billion in spending across the ARC’s 20-county area through 2050.

The bad news for the traffic-weary is that the ARC’s project list is aspirational, according to Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce, who also sits on the ARC’s governing board.

“There is no funding behind it,” Boyce said. “There’s no obligation to fund things on that list…and that’s why the mobility referendum is so important in 2022.”

About 60% of the $173 billion plan is for maintenance: repairing existing roads and bridges and replacing aging buses and rail cars. Transit expansion accounts for $11 billion in spending over the next 30 years, and transportation alternatives, such as bike paths and initiatives promoting carpooling and teleworking, account for $10 billion. Here’s the entire article:


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