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Georgia Lawmakers Want Fuel Tax To FunD Transit! Curbed Atlanta 2-5-2020

Some Georgia lawmakers want fuel tax to fund transit and other transportation initiatives! A group of Democratic state senators thinks the way Georgia’s fuel tax revenue is used is too limited, so they’ve modified Senate Resolution 654. They changed words “roads and bridges” to “transportation,” which would make the fuel tax available for broader uses,…

Fulton Commissioners Discuss FREE MARTA Fare – NorthFUlton.Com Jan 2020

Fulton County Commissioners are exploring FREE fares for MARTA. Per Commissioner Lee Morris, “When you consider the costs of free-to-use streets — to build and maintain roads, police them, and manage signs and signals — the government subsidizes car users far more than it subsidizes transit users.” The full article is here:

Metro Atlanta’s Transit Authority – The ATL – Working on Plan For Transit Projects Across Region – Saporta Report

The ATL – is working on a plan for proposed mass transit projects across its 13-county region. Reportedly, its first regional transportation plan will come together by December. The ATL is trying to knit together existing transit services, so riders don’t have to be aware of the difference among MARTA or CobbLinc or any of…