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Fulton Commissioners Discuss FREE MARTA Fare – NorthFUlton.Com Jan 2020

Fulton County Commissioners are exploring FREE fares for MARTA. Per Commissioner Lee Morris, “When you consider the costs of free-to-use streets — to build and maintain roads, police them, and manage signs and signals — the government subsidizes car users far more than it subsidizes transit users.” The full article is here:

Gwinnett County Transit Referendum Vote

On March 19th, 2019, Gwinnett County residents are voting in a special referendum for potential transit expansion into their county. This vote can, and will, shape the county’s transportation, economic, and environmental future. Click below for more information :–politics/gwinnett-marta-election-reminder-what-you-voting/pTCA2Fo45ArkMBgi7OjU6J/