Metro Atlanta’s Transit Authority – The ATL – Working on Plan For Transit Projects Across Region – Saporta Report

The ATL – is working on a plan for proposed mass transit projects across its 13-county region. Reportedly, its first regional transportation plan will come together by December. The ATL is trying to knit together existing transit services, so riders don’t have to be aware of the difference among MARTA or CobbLinc or any of…

Gwinnett County Transit Referendum Vote

On March 19th, 2019, Gwinnett County residents are voting in a special referendum for potential transit expansion into their county. This vote can, and will, shape the county’s transportation, economic, and environmental future. Click below for more information :–politics/gwinnett-marta-election-reminder-what-you-voting/pTCA2Fo45ArkMBgi7OjU6J/

Transit Town Halls

Cobb County Chairman Mike Boyce will be hosting 16 town halls in 8 locations in March 2019. On the agenda is transit, more specifically how and when a transit referendum will be brought to Cobb County voters. It’s important that transit supporters come out and show their support for bringing transit to Cobb County!