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MARTA Names Chief Customer Experience OFficer & ESTABLISHes RIDERS Advisory Council – Saporta Report – Feb 2020

MARTA names Chief Customer Experience Officer and is establishing their first Riders Advisory Council. After Advisory Council members are selected, they’ll meet monthly beginning in May to provide input on topics including the design of the new rail cars, service delivery, rail station and bus stop amenities, and how best to communicate with riders! Read…

Fulton Commissioners Discuss FREE MARTA Fare – NorthFUlton.Com Jan 2020

Fulton County Commissioners are exploring FREE fares for MARTA. Per Commissioner Lee Morris, “When you consider the costs of free-to-use streets — to build and maintain roads, police them, and manage signs and signals — the government subsidizes car users far more than it subsidizes transit users.” The full article is here: https://www.northfulton.com/news/fulton-commissioners-explore-free-fares-for-marta/article_6a926b04-36da-11ea-a708-b75e535bfc52.html